What if’s…

Freely saying the things that cross my mind; no longer mishandling the thoughts that are there all the time. I am opening up like a blackhole; things I may say, may suck you in, even suck your soul. I am speaking from a place of light; darkness is a possession that would have to chosen in fight or flight. Even in those regards, darkness doesn’t work; but puts you in deeper turmoil, making things worse. I move to turn “what if’s” into “when cans”; there’s no better feeling than changing your journey for the better, without turn clock-hands. Dropping diamonds, not gems; gems often become broken and destroyed, where diamonds will live past the time where time would end…

Turn “What if-s” to “When Can-s”

~ Europa, Ki Wi

Spill new skin; flourishing inside… Giving me fluffy clouds, announcing grace, very strong. Starting in the middle – the riddle is discovered… I am valuable; the gold in me is infallible! Pauses are overridden; ignoring what bothers me. Blocking everything is noise. Embracing anger in a new way, a new anchor; I’m just going to dome. People are just props. I am a being that makes hearts stop; I refuse to portray what I’m not! My comfort is priceless, far from being selfish… However, you can never please the flesh. Confused with someone else’s mindset, and it annoys me, because I was never created to be a threat. 

The stronger parish, so that the weaker can find it’s strength

~ Europa, Ki Wi

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