thinking backwards*

Dreaming of past interactions while reminiscing a feeling of satisfaction holding me as high as a mantle; while enduring- all that I can handle releasing a flood of white and clear waters like an ocean view; pink flowers that feel soft – all while the smell is even softer massaging areas of the mind – I haven’t explored; while kisses, on my forehead reveals that I am adored

what is space? time for us to miss each other? or a time to grow apart?

I love you like a foodie; every taste is good to me

you reach all the places that please

and when you’re silent; I’m driven up a wall, a tease

your heart us my only desire to cease

the challenge for love is still on

please don’t forfeit, don’t run

I am your portal; that can take you places-

that’ll make you feel immortal

so give it up – I want it all

this isn’t a stick up; but when I win your heart

I guarantee you’ll fall

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