Waiting *

Being patient in this moment

Seeing this as a view of enjoyment

Driving into dimensions I’ve never explored

Seeking greatness behind certain doors

I don’t stop based on appearance

I observe beneath to what’s serious

Within the surface

To understand your daily purpose

Very focused on what I don’t see

Yet my third eye is showing a different scene

So far the visions seen are pleasing

I no longer imagine what I’ve been dreaming

The journey has been mapped

It has happened, my core has been tapped

On a creative mission

Leading my way without permission

I will never stop

Like time never showed on my clock

I’m submissive to my craft

Everything is final I don’t make drafts

Authenticity is my only way

No matter how challenging …

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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