Try Me

I saw something that said, not “why me, but try me”

What’s amazing is that it was stated so perfectly.

This gave me a  perception anew – this is exceptional

Only because it teaches real  value

Of what  you’re truly capable of and I like it

It’s honest learning; without any tricks

Why me approaches often when you’re not sure of your purpose

Try me is revealed when you show yourself a true service

Of what it means to be strong; not always will it show right away

Sometimes it may take long; or feel as such anyway

But try me, that’s what I’m used to,

Checking for me, implying I’m not useful.

Not bluntly, but shown ways subtle

It’s hurts sometimes, it gets my heart all muddled

The dirt my heart layer with from otherwise

In my opinion is a coat waiting to shed with new eyes

Warming up once again because I was still filled with fire

So try me, see if I can do all things to apply myself

To see if there’s a result in which I do it well

I am a Victorian I say over and over again

This too, is very well, this was never the end …

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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