I love You

Love at first sight only happens when your breath is truly taken away; not as common, but for everyone there’s going to be a day. This is more than a soul mate; the sensation in the connection can feel like a twin flame. The emotions shared is pass the strength of any beast; all in that first moment, and more to say the least! Though, There’s more – enjoying each second in that very moment; feeling it all to the core. That one moment makes you want even more! Addicting is how it sounds; but the intellect in taking in just enough is what’s profound. I love you! It’s the first thing that comes to mind; with the ability to almost see the future, and it seems that already, you’re mine…

believe that I am capable

believe that I am irreplaceable

honor who I have become

honor that I am still undone

Love me because I am me

Love me because I am who you see…

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