Restless Emotions

living in a space, where birds sing – a lot, sounds of a beautiful melody. solitude when I want it; where I’m free to truly have a moment – enjoying my area. grateful that I am cared for enough; blessed in many ways. I will remember for the rest of my days…

by Chance

wondering if these are sonnets, poems or lazy talk – to be washed away like rain on chalk…

am I procrastinating? am I walking by faith, while things are manifesting?

digging in my mind – looking for material; pressing myself, figuring issues.

can I be free in my speech, without it being a weakness to leech?

I digress; I’m not here to preach…

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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