A Little Motivation

Blah Blah – I’m Worth It

commitment isn’t hard when you want it; the company would feel full of love without being missed…

sulking in my own phenomenon; I’ll be the story when everyone’s gone…

transforming into a masterpiece; without make-up or grease. becoming a Victorian; this isn’t where my story end!

doing my best to make myself over; getting the bags out of my eyes – and weights off my shoulders..

I no longer live in disguise ; no more watching paint dry!

my trail has a lot of brainteasers; I’ve always liked to take things apart – like procedures….

one More

subjective in what I say; always taking moments to pray.

giving me the strength to move forward; intuitive in the things that hoard me.

justifying, is what it feels like – yet, feeling all the time like I’m walking on spikes.

I find myself wondering; going deeper within [my mind rendering].

stressing that for myself, I only want the best; so that energy spread to the rest.

those I care for; the one’s I love, and those I adored…

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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