: visionary idealism

~ Merriam-Webster

Tonight I fight  For all my rights  Being a mystery  Depends on the history  I am a told legend  I was chosen over billions  With confidence in me  Is what it’s suppose to be  Not caught up into you  But focused on my own view  Though I’ll pay attention  You’re the greatest to mention  It’s me that come first  Then you, never in reverse  I am love  I am the dove  Free to the idea of energy  With a bird’s eye view to see… 

Embracing , every moment I have when I put down each word. Making sure that I throw something in there that can capture whatever it was I doing during that vibe. So when it’s time to reflect the story will be brought back for me to vividly describe. Oh, how I am in love during the temporary turmoil going on in my life. I refuse to let this turn me to strife, but I will continue to conquer and thrive! It’s my time to end this spirit of demise, and allow my light to glow vibrantly so that I will always rise!

Where is she from?  Do she beat a drum?  Have she learned anything?  Do you think she’s even thinking?  Are you confused on the question?  As I keep going it’s more to mention.  She’s tired, looks like to me.  Can you understand her psyche?  Questions people are scared of.  Almost the same when you think of love.  Scary head, scary head, yeah that’s them!  She’s the type to make your mind bend!  What is she really talking about?  Is it a stunt? Is it or clout?  Time will tell, all you need is light.  False up the truth, then say psych!  Mess them up real good girl!  Explore their minds like it’s your world!  Answer the questions though?  Why do you pretend to be weak and fold?  Is It for underestimation?  Are you looking to set a kind of proclamation?  Meaning what you say, don’t understand it?  She’s only making her point; a huge statement!  I wonder if she’s finding herself..  What if she’s already found it, I’m about to melt.  I’m so proud of that woman’s growth.  Looking like money, refusing to go back and forth.  Living instead of existing on this earth.  Now seeing a real woman, and no longer a girl. 

Looking through a window   A window full of wonder  Seeing from afar a rainbow  Throughout the stormy thunder  I live the way I want to survive  Giving treatment to those under  To be given a chance to thrive  No matter the weather  I am a Victorian   With that things can be done better  Tired of not seeing what’s within  Moving to the speed of light  Starting in the middle  Letting go the fears and fright  Even if I’m bothered a little  Trials and tribulations   Something we will all encounter  Criticism and speculation  Being said as a reminder  I am special  Uncertain that world feel the same  Releasing all this pressure  So that once again my heart can sing…. 

Life-choices always come at a price  How you pay for isn’t always up to you  But those of the sacrifice  Acquired by the things we subdue.  It’s a lot when you’re just not sure  I mean I thought I knew me   That turned into a slam by that door  Because I knew nothing innocently  Never on purpose  Who wouldn’t want to know themselves  All I am sure of is that I am a servant  Looking for ways to prevail…

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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