Penchant Love Propensity


When I think of losing you I become bewildered; knowingly induced by your compassion is unfiltered. Illuminating as if I’m Amaterasu; Goddess of the sun, but anew. You give me vitality; insuring my dreams to becoming my reality…

Giving background; making noise mentally, refraining from making a sound. Saying I love you to the top of my lungs; expressing it internally while holding my tongue…

My mind run through it all; no matter how small. Enjoying the era in how we dwell; seizing any farewells. Mine with permanence; falling in love with nurturance…

Giving the circumstances I don’t really want to have an understanding to the moments that can happen, when life gives you a memory so classic; it becomes a rerun in your memory bank spoken over and over, uncanny. I don’t want to investigate, but motivate whatever is for each of our sake; there is a bind of liberation that stands to no nation, beyond strong because we’re from a universe beyond. Don’t you dare test the gift of enlightenment, given the situations thrown at hand, testament, is what I’ll receive from a gentleman –

He used every muscle in his body including his mind, there’s never a beginning or end – it’s like we always stop time; can you imagine a man conversating with only his eyes? 

He loves to kiss on my neck  
Rubs me down with warm truth  
That makes us connect 
To an outer body experience, like a muse 
A spiritual muse, that makes moment like this  
Stop; time stopped for us, I don’t know what to do 
But the universe really stopped time  
Just for us to shine, this is very different very new 
Not sure what this mean; but if this is love 
I still wouldn't know what to think  
Dream for me; while I stay awake to enjoy my view. I'm your damsel to protect; this was expected when you pursued. no surprises or unannounced -moments of an ill heart. It's my desire to keep us from being apart. work together; bringing closeness unimagined - wanting to hold tight, like during stormy weather

esoteric exhales

~ Europa, Ki Wi


Everything imaginable can happen between us,  We’re so raw and unshielded by what we are.  In that, I mean I am fair, and he is just.  Never a corner to cut, no windows to bar. 

If you really believe in it 

Taking the time to find a meaning 

Becoming much more than it seem 

Dedication and loyalty creates a team 

It only takes two …


I love the feelings and the thoughts 

Ignorant sometimes, to what’s deep down 

I want to envision what you sought  

So I’m not quick to impose a frown 

The whole inspiration is you 

Not saying its anything new 

Just speaking from my point of view 

forming a habit -
that will continue to express my love for you
nourishing your feelings, from anguish and sadness
wanting to help you to subdue, not to abuse 
my love is more than infatuation
I want for me to be the reason for your imagination
realizing dreams do come true; I will always be here
you are what makes this utopia a reality to appear
I am yours; forever you've won
not saying that anyone had to take score
because I have you my search for love is done

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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