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shedding new skin blooming within; giving me fluffy clouds announcing grace – very loud! beginning in the middle; figure the riddle, I am valuable – and the gold in me is infallible. breaks are void; ignoring what gets me annoyed. blocking all of its noise – embracing anger; in a new way, a new anchor only will tame her. people are only props. I am a being that makes plenty hearts stop. I refuse to portray what I am not; my comfort is priceless – far from selfish. yet, you can never please flesh; confused at another’s mindset… it gets me upset; because I was never made to be a threat.

Today is my new life; It’ll be new once more tomorrow

~ Europa, Ki Wi

the only way to truly keep it full circle; it must continue, and pages must turn on to the next. once i get to last sheet, i can turn it over and write out what truly went left. then, realizing the things i wrote toward my right will always make sense [catch my drift?]. listen, theses words aren’t empty; the journey already manifested! the next is my pursuit toward what rewards my approach along the way. realizing, now, that this road is made of dirt – it’s up to my vision to pave my way in the direction; no matter how much gravel i have to lay. my mind is my town, and i stand tall as mayor! i’m standing strong, even when i feel the weakness, i will still conquer it all in the end. watch these blessings i catch with my net of faith!

I shout, I roar; I push open doors, to beyond what can be more. envisioning until my eyes are sore; following my dream until I finally soar. knowing my worth is adored; making love easy to afford – maintaining me, on one accord. beloved towards the water being poured – on my sword, victory was always the reward…

loopy – because even when i am drunk; i want to still deal with the things i thunk. angry only because i want better; each day goes by someone wants to make me sadder. seeing my trauma, yet, taking advantage of my mental with the drama. but i’ll never give in and that is on my mama. singing loud off-key – not caring as long as my audience hears me! i’m so much smarter, then being grouped as just pretty!!

Having more than sight is everything living in this world, in this I don’t intend to rhyme like this is something to play with, because it’s just in me to say I  really don’t want to take the time out to think about what goes with what word – you know. I know for myself, as a personal opinion of who I am if It’s meant to come out that  way; then the truth was meant to sound that way. I paint pictures for you to truly understand the shoes I fill; it may seem small to the next person, but don’t look at the quality or the condition of its shell, but stand in the rawness that’s living on the inside. You truly don’t know; this is fine though, this isn’t your obligation. Your main priority is to deal with you; be for you first. Being last hasn’t really shown it’s  best rewards, it’s almost giving the blessing God intended for you – to someone else. That’s almost regifting something that was and is priceless, authentic, personalized just for you. How is that fair for you? You is really I, who happens to be me. Something I had to give up was my weakness to guilt; allowing people that should care about me, take full advantage for self-perseverance purposes. Shaking my head in real life – how can a pure heart do that; It doesn’t. Giving isn’t always good nor healthy; decisions are purposeful. The same way I may be picky with my food or even my men; why not be this way about my whole life. This seem to be the best way to live if I don’t just want to exist. Can i get a witness If you agree! Been waiting for this moment, to be free like this in the “comfort” of my own home. Bunny ears because being home isn’t always comfortable – I mean can I be real right now huh?  

Just wanting to put it all out there doesn’t feel like such a bad idea depending on the choice of conversation. Topics would be the formal word for those that laugh at the face of my format. Not realizing it was a poker face or cover page – you understand? No? Ok – check it, I mostly talk how I write, and it’s somewhat professional with a splash of ghetto ha-ha! That’s what the light, light skinned people would say; I call it just being me. People still look at me like a circus act though, and it’s cool. The joke is on them when they see how business is really handled. Then the respect is abundant. I’ll be clear, may I add – I don’t force it, if you love it, great. If you don’t, there’s always doors to walk through. The same way you walked in, you can walk out. That’s real.    

I would never give credit to man for what God had already written over my life. What I will do though is be grateful for the right vessels and spirits that surrounded me when my true gift was brought to the forefront. Inspirations if you may. I do know that I’m happy in this place and the journey has only begun. The greatness the Lord has in store for me even I won’t be able to fathom the abundance when it comes! I’m patient and very excited all at once. This is an exhilarating feeling, or energy – what may be the best way to describe this vibration. Sounding as if I’m saying nothing at all, and that’s actually saying a lot. Your actions are verbal as well, don’t keep your mouth shut and still show me your moves like I don’t have more than sight – but vision. Randomly as I write this, compromise happens to come to mind after hearing the how it was used in a deliberation of what a woman should be for anyone else but herself. Compromise is impossible when you’re only being yourself, and how do you not be yourself? That’s so much energy wasted – people do this on their own too. What I wonder though is, if someone was to tell you, “hey! Don’t be yourself be something else, because if you want me in your life that’s the compromise you have to make!” Like what! [chuckles very loud] Outrageous – oh how the human behavior can be. 

I tend to already have what my mind is set on in motion; I don’t use any magic or any [potions]. I am a [being] of action; getting the job done is what brings me satisfaction. so many standards has been set on me; though I am great, that’s my opinion for myself personally. I think entirely too much, and sometimes I overwhelm myself; when it gets intense like this – I realize that it’s only my [cue] telling me to get up! I can not allow my mind to become idle; thinking is wise but executing those things are sometimes my problem. you don’t want to feel that you’ve made the wrong choice; but, mistakes exist so that we can learn without [so much] remorse. depending on what was premeditated; the last thing you want for yourself is to allow your thoughts to feel [empty or vacated]…

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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