My Greatest Masterpiece!

Ahmari Antoine

My boy has changed my life in so many way unimaginable, the love he shows me is beyond unconditional. This is a continuous blessing from my Lord Savior, and I thank him every day for such a gift! The way his attitude shifts, it’s as if he’s just tired of me sometimes; when he’s mad the world is not enough for him, I love that about him. Laying with him this morning was bliss, as well as panic and anger, he wasn’t feeling well; I have to go to work, yet my baby isn’t feeling well – no mother wants their child to suffer with any sickness, not even allergies! It is well, he is healed – Thanking the Lord because it is already done. Moving forward, Ahmari, you are so special to me, so many things to say about the way you make me feel; God, I know this boy have saved my life in so many instances; causing me to think twice in every situation. This is good for me, every moment I am a mother to this child – it is good for me. I love my son, beyond any measurement – he is my legend; he is my victor!  

Loving a child is more than materialistic, it is spiritual; that gives you more opportunity to learn who you are as the adult in this adolescent’s life. Children are the true teachers, and boy do this child teach me some lessons! It’s all good for me, and I’m grateful for every moment I’m brought to my feet, to stand on my toes, and realize there was something in this that I needed. Honor thy mother and thy father, in my opinion that’s the hardest job for children to deal with; which shows how strong children really are. Think about it, grown adults take more time to be ignorant and vindictive [sometimes for no reason at all], all because of the inevitable tit for tat. Children don’t hold on to grudges, but are quick to forgive and move on. With that being said, adults can be harder on life than children, yet they are to honor the adults senior to them regardless; that’s not an easy task, dealing with certain grown people, parent or not. I have many flaws, yet my boy look past it all, I am blessed. Thank you Lord! 

My drive and strength is powered by the eyes that watch me,  My son is my number one fan, and have no room to be disappointing.  Bringing me joy when my days are dark blue, and gray,  My baby boy leans over to me and always know what to say.  “You’re the best in the world mommy”, he expresses.   Just when I start to feel like my life is looking like a mess!  These aren’t empty words made for anyone’s sense,   But an expression of what I feel when I think of my son, hense.  Just enjoying the thought of pain I went through for such a gift,  Thinking of it as a miracle, when I think on it my arms lift!  God is so good to me even when sometimes I’m blind to see,  That no matter what a wonderful blessing my offspring is to me.    Not knowing what else to say that’s as creative,   Because when it comes to my son, it’s his relative.  He was created by creation of nature without a glove,   That indulged in its lust more than it’s love.  Sounds confusing but makes all the sentiency,  Having precious child, who looks for you  To be their dependency, no matter what you do.  As long as it’s sustain that child valuable.  Again all over the place, yes, I get this way,  Because words really can’t express this, it can only be displayed. 

Author: europaskiwi

I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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