Love | Patience | Blessings

Inhale your dreams; exhale your reality.

~ Europa Ki Wi

Dream Immensely

I am blessed; with the covenant as my style of dress. 

I am tamed; only to the Lord, when I speak his name. 

I am love; God created me to be kind and free like a dove. 

I am beautiful; without being vein, this is my view. 

I am giving; when you need me there, I’m attending. 

I am a server; because serving is what makes a great leader go further. 


Being patient is like the hardest level on a video game; Being patient is sometimes hard to maintain. Being patient is like waiting for the alarm clock; when excitement of the next day and right now is far apart. Being patient is like breaking a habit; Being patient is something that takes practice. 

~ Europa, Ki Wi

I am quite attached to the things I think I need; then once it’s time to let go, past will show it wasn’t what it seems. I am in love with ideas; but when it fails, I literally drown in my tears. I am attached to benefit of the doubt; everyone deserves that chance, without someone turning up there snout. I become connected to things that has potential; I’ll continue to learn though, no matter the issue. I am quite attached mainly on truth. This is why the idea becomes more than a thought, this is why it’s something I constantly pursue…. 

“don’t follow me because of what you see; follow me because of what you know.” 

~ Europa, Ki Wi

Believe in Faith

When I look in the mirror, I see someone priceless. I see the real me, the she without stresses. The turmoil and pain goes away; even my own smile [most of the time] makes my day. I’m on journey and it all shows on my face; plenty of love within my eyes, I can truly appreciate my personal space. Looking at my reflection, visualizing my surroundings; placing myself above – something like mountings. Setting high-standards for testament; everything that comes my way won’t be easy, but because it’s my journey, it’ll be indulgent. I want so much for the woman in the mirror; I will be someone more than superior! 

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