Lex ta·li·o·nis

the principle or law of retaliation that a punishment inflicted should correspond in degree and kind to the offense of the wrongdoer, as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; retributive justice.

I’m Not Drowning; I’m Learning a New Way to Breathe..

~ Europa, Kiwi

Sticking to my story, enjoying who I am; give them the shine and not the glory; I’m going always make a stand! Releasing these impurities, focusing more on improvement; looking only for spiritual security, no man I know is innocent. I’d rather be looked after by perfection; guarded – knowing it’ll be unconditional, with no exceptions…

Why do we need forever; when life only occurs in seasons. why do we long for forever; when life never gave us that reason. mentally things can be permanent; but never forever. just like sunshine and rain, it’ll always be a change in weather. eternity was our only promise; a promise for our afterlife. whether it’s heaven or hell, well that’s your choice, your sacrifice. Though, we work hard to live better; things [like the enemy] can tempt our decisions beyond measure. so why forever; when you can have right now. though the covenant is til’ death; even death is an expiration, and that’s something you can’t disavow. not to be dark or grim; the thought of forever is beautiful, but simply isn’t the reality in the end….

“Lucid | Glowing | Radiant”

a warmth of feeling or emotion/ that brightness in my warmth color/ you can’t tell me I wasn’t chosen/ there’s only one me, there isn’t another/ taking a break from my routine/ I’m looking for a new view; different scene/ I’m a beautiful rare psyche/ uncloaked, bare and exposed/ Showing, always the best side of me/ knowing people, they’ll look for a gag/ you’ll never see me down, I’m opposed/ I be damned if this world discern the privilege to see me sad/ every word that comes out of my mouth; explains what a condescend mind looks like/ thanks to my Lord Savior; that’s a reason to be proud/ what a blessing to have the Holy Spirit around/ therapeutic kind of vibe/ using my shuffle; taking my time/ just saying what’s real/ putting everything down I feel/ this is all mine and it’s authentic/ I’m always being an artist – painting the picture/ enjoying the energy of this flow/ really being me and using what I know/ to me, it may feel a little simple/ but to others, it can be shocking at what my mind can do – this is commendable/ everything I know is expendable/ if I don’t apply it, well it would be useless doo/ passionate in every moment in life/ even when its hard going through all this strife/ it’s time to stop running and fight/ continue to pray and have faith in my heart with all my might/

In the dawn, life is always a beginning.. without no time limit in the end.. because when you’re prepared for the morning, life will humble itself to your calling… of whatever needed to be perfected, your life is the morning, it’s an attachment, of what you can fix that may be flawed. a mistake that can be there to be solved, especially, there is room for growth always. never give up, the dark will always turn day. don’t allow clouds of ignorance to rain on your dream, for morning is what we look to after we sleep. there will be a moment where dusk will approach, but dawn will arise again, with each hand clock stroke. so much to do, so little time to do it, is what they say, if you start in the morning though, it’ll get done successfully. going in to the first things you do, awaken, stretch, use the loo. you shower, brush your teeth, and then take the kids to school. but afterwards, what are the new things there to do? being as though, the morning lasts, exactly 12 hours, we only spend really allow 8 to be in our power. there’s so much to do, in my opinion, you just have to learn what things should carry dominion. so that time could’ve been spent with something structured, instead of non-sense that can make minds rupture. Start your meditation this morning, you’ve learned things new, bring your whole life into the moment, then begin your truth. Something about the morning view….

sometimes I question my very existence; is there more to being optimistic? questioning my life choices and the things I doubt; ignoring extra whispers that may speak aloud. yet, refusing to fail at winning; I want to fail at losing. sounds weird actually saying; until I show you what I mean by proving it. challenged by many that don’t understand my placement; learning to ignore that before becoming complacent. today is today, all that I can deal with; consuming life at once is a myth. I strive for a better me, taking it once a time; beginning each day with intent to expose my prime! exploring myself as a journey of adventure; turning downfalls into stepping stone to a bigger picture. I’m taking initiative to become broad; learning my mistakes, by beating the odds.

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