Da Mickey Jo

Don’t let no one stop it/Be your best, outstanding/Allow the seeds to be fruits/It’ll prosper into good use….

An Angel 👼 and Child 🙏

Don’t let no one stop it!  Be your best, outstanding. Allow seeds to become fruits; It’ll prosper into good use…

~ Europa, Ki Wi

Not really looking for the words; more like just something to say. I wont allow my energy to be the worst; but expressive in how I truly feel everyday. Especially after this new world; I’m faced with living without my girl. Yeah it hurts, but she was in much pain; I could’ve never been selfish enough to make her stay. This woman was a true Shunamite; faithful without any doubts, but with all faith, it was her biggest might! Beautiful inside, and out; pure in spirit, heart, and flesh! what a beatific gift from the Lord; and all know that even with our mistakes, He’s still there in our mess. That was something that she strongly stressed… Now that I see these things, I’m at peace; She’s getting ready to celebrate her renewed birth. I wish I could see such an amazing thing, but for now I’ll, honor you here on Earth!  I Love You Grandma, Very much!!

~Ki Wi [Europa] 

Today, I held my grandmother for the last time; I’m truly broken up. Still, it is ok, that was the sign. She was a legend, with an angelic attitude; and the way she loved was in multitudes! Though, she was tough, she was also a true queen; she loved me even when my character could be unclean. The way she kept it straight, you would’ve thought she was mean [lol]. she was so comforting you would’ve thought she was a heavenly safe; it sucks because I would’ve needed her right now in this mental state…. It is well though..

I will learn my purpose; so that I can fulfill my reasonable service..

~ Ki Wi [Europa]

Surely  I will cause breathe to enter you, and you shall live.”

Ezekiel 37:5
Prince of Peace

Find a new scene; Shining on me like a light beam. Ready for this new adventure; I’m truly on my own; Though, I still feel her. It’ll be hard; but I got this – she’s the reason. The reason I’m the strongest! Without seasons. Blessed this is; was allowed to love her physically… one more time. When I think now; that’s when the light really shine! Mixed emotions – depressed mindless notions; yet, rebuking it so I can continue to run my growth in like lotion. She had gave me the recipe to the spiritual potion. Without with craft – with the faith she and I had together, it was allowed for Him to handle the supernatural motions.

~ Europa, Ki Wi

Hearing her voice was so soothing and comforting, I love her so much! She is covered by the blood and it was already written that she’ll be healed; everything that need to know is manifesting in good works of the Lord! I have faith that this season will not last. I get so emotional about them, I’m deeply grateful to have been blessed with such amazing elders that I can have the honor in saying that these are my parents! Taught all the good things , smart things I needed to be the woman I am today! Jesus! This is tough.

Da Mickey Jo

Every time I think I’m having a moment of writer’s block, immediately, I put something down. There’s a moment where I feel like writing, other times, typing; what I feel’s therapeutic for me in that moment. Just expressing myself as much as I can, I’m tired of clutter – a disorganized mind cannot prosper. I need order, this is the best thing for me I want my mind to be damn near empty, so that I can leave ample space with sensible things that I should be focused on. Instead of anguish and pain, worry and anxiety; it’s exhausting, very exhausting! All I really want is a day of freedom from the day to day annoyances or mental harassment. I’m focused on living and not existing amongst ignorant, judgmental human beings, when we all could be loving each other  regardless of what your population group is. If I could renew the world, I would bring back the respect the world should have towards our elders, and no social media. Just to name a few at that, I want the values women had for themselves, when just being a smart, natural, and beautiful queen was enough…

This is Significant! No Matter How it Looks – It’s Significant!

~ Unknown

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I'm not weird, I'm Peculiar; I'm no general, but rare. - I am a limited edition - Have you ever read a diary that rhymes.. stick with me and I'll share mine =)

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