Get To Know Me*

Feeling as if I’m at the beginning of my journey, and extremely vulnerable; I am very nervous, yet, courageously excited. I am sharing the most important thing to me, and that’s my poetry. Sharing it with the world is just an added comfort, knowing that there’s an audience out there who will understand my purpose, and will support me no matter what!

As I go on, you will undoubtedly learn who Europa is, and then they’ll be times where you’ll allow Kiwi in to comprehend the way she sees the world as well. This is me, my legacy, my legend, my story. Your opinions, advice, even criticism, will very much cloud this space, and that’s ok. This is what I am asking for, and I am ready!

I write like I may forget what I have to say; as if there’s not enough time in the day! Imaginative and liberal in my words – some are appeasing, others are absurd. But it’s my freedom of speech; you don’t know what I may teach… whether its an opinion or fact; it’s my choice to say this or that!

It’s time to let my fears go, so that my purpose in life can grow!

The way I communicate has always mathematical; timing is everything, what is time without it’s numbers to make day and night, then what do you have? I am calculated, yet, cryptic; with an open mind going in, there’s no way that what I may say is not comprehended.

It’s time for me to flourish in my purpose, as well. This is why I feel that my blog should be at the top of your subscription list. I understand the truths of what goes on when you clock out of work, and facing no one but yourself. Hear me out, so that you can see just like I am right now, that you are not alone.

Journal Entry # 55

Enjoying the lull;
Hoping this tranquility doesn’t end.
Espousing what I do with my time;
Fortifying my spirit without narrow lines.
Wrapped up with confidence; 
Earnestly desiring an incredible abundance.
I’m letting down my defense.
I appreciate this!
Impressing on the indescribable;
Peace is my new fortress.
Where everything is completely possible!

Journal Entry # 54

Holding back doesn’t relate to me
within my heart and mind, there’s
moral certainty 
Idle fear is no longer apart of 
who I am;
Expanding my capacity with philosophies 
that’ll last.
I’m happily moving with devout faith;
Preparing for the pivotal moment to recreate
my namesake…

Journal Entry # 53

Ample time is devoted to the one who desires it;
More healing and less suffering to forget.
Congested conversation isn’t deflection to me; 
I recognize deliberate deception instantly.
Being genuine shouldn’t stand as a wish that can come true;
It should be reaped then concluded in moves made unconditionally.
Clearly its only my point of view…
I’m politely removing negative insinuations and its distinct feeling;
With it’s raw energy I’ll build an armor that breaks anguished ceilings.

The Thought of Feelings*

The truth is a frequency that can be felt!


My heart is genuinely pure.
And I’m grateful for the cards I was dealt.
Uniquely positioned as a confidant assures that 
I’m secure, no matter how I may’ve felt.
The mindset I possess maintains no boundaries, in which could never digress.
A cause generates an effect that absorbs so much stress.
To be thorough, though…It’s a gift, nonetheless.
Weathering the storm with me is gracious; although, 
I may’ve felt affirmed, the direct aftermath is when I bear it should be tenacious.

Clever Love *

You’re a man of noble stature!
Bringing me into a world I thought would never factor.
You’re keen and debonaire; the undeniable fact that you even considered me, seems like an answered prayer.
I feel as if a better woman is out there, but the way you shelter me depletes the thought they could compare.
I couldn’t imagine being under anyone else’s care!
You are immaculate conversations subjects me toward position of submission;
Your aura naturally gives me profound faith that I’m on the right mission.

Journal Entry # 52

Are social distractions conscious? Can deliberate manipulation truly be placed in the subconscious? These ethical questions are valid. Not obnoxious.

These questions habitually express open-ended intentions. Coating opinions by gaslighting with complex sugar isn’t really winning over explicit permission.

Foolish curiosity accurately represents a peculiar wickedness that most haven’t recognized yet. It’s odd, because those aggressive encounters aren’t easy to instantly forget.

Inadvertently saying absolutely anything doesn’t dismiss it. It deflects it; regardless there should inevitably be unconditional respect.

Journal Entry # 51*

Growth instantly recognizes all key components of yourself equally. I’m certain of the logical answers when eternal life adequately tests the psyche.
I’m certain of the logical answers when eternal life adequately tests the individuality. I always confess my active part with moral responsibility. Growth is instantly recognizing all key components of yourself equally. Being at a certain level while being spontaneous, is often labeled weirdly. Even reckless. Living on the edge doesn’t have to suggest danger; embracing my capabilities expels sorrow and anger.


Direct ample attention toward unconditional freedom.
Work day and night to establish the kingdom.
Graciously allow every necessary stage of this awakening.
Enabling it to flow without altering anything.
Never fabricate what’s already authentic.
Honesty supposes to be internally domestic.
Be faithful toward the conscious plan.
Realize keenly that this chaotic world is in divine hands.
Contain the way energies can tilt.
Truth will always eliminate guilt.

Journal Entry # 50*

On-half Century

Clarify what is eagerly expected.
Provide an opportunity, before it’s felt to be neglected.
Lecture with knowledge and presentation.
Be realistic by exercising a sensible imagination.
Positivity is best assurance; it facilitates serenity.
Maintain an honest identity.
Build an armor of affection too intimate to retire.
Prioritize the time, with the heart. Not when its required.
Value any instance where there’s a chance to be courageous.
Balance the ability to be humble and tenacious.

Journal Entry # 7×7

Walk into the bliss of enlightenment; see the surroundings and all its essential elements.
Observe the unclouded sky transform from light blue to dark; this cycle expresses infinity in every part.
Tenderly embrace the boundless energy that projects love; release the frequent need for physical sight. Just the profound sensation alone will devote eternal life thereof.
Dial the desired frequency to a personalized wave; dare to be authentic, take the time and patience to genuinely enjoy the investments that were justly made.