Journal Entry # 22


why do I sit here and contemplate my differences?

hoping that my words are more than emphasis, but deliberate.

I’m capable of so much, and luck conceived none of it! Although I am extremely humble, I’m also confident, making it normal to make myself prominent.

only I can care for myself the way I do!

I would never guide myself into the wrong point of view.

I’m impressing a certain height of power, engaging in tasks, most wouldn’t have the courage to do; believe me, I may not be old, but I’m also not new –

There’s nothing in this world that will stress me into a casket; I am made whole and complete to be everlasting.

Journal Entry # 21


Feeling my spine bend with chills as my face swell with a unique smile; I’m flustered, because the sensation is indescribable – it’s been this way for a while.

It’s time for the big war, particularly a war that doesn’t keep score; do anyone believe in anything anymore?

My only mission has been to succeed, all while honoring the things that created me, and believe in; winning the battle without having to wear my soul thin.

I chose this path for myself, because other creativity to me feels intimidating; I can make sunlight to be bright, not dark, and in my days I’ve seen those very hearts. I often decide to stray from false acts of militating.


crying a Jordan river instead of tears

-wanting nothing but an eternity of years; to be more than just one aesthetic

I’m conceiving visions that are immense, mirroring ideas that are prophetic

-weathering the storm my mind begin experiencing; tirelessly giving all the glory [good or bad circumstances] to the King

walking through a door I choose to call serenity, clearing all the fog so that I can see – as plain as that sound, imagine your space being filled with love, turning your life completely around! I’m ecstatic, because this phase of placidity pulls me as if my energy was the magnet!

“Attitudes do more than show through. They sound through too!”

David J. Schwartz

The Gap in the Bridge*

exploring new paths with out a map; I’m experiencing a moment of relapse.

telling myself that this is normal; knowing damn well my behavior hasn’t been that formal.

my glands has released too much oxytocin; wanting nothing more than for time to go frozen.

what more can a person want, other than to be chosen?

my turn is coming really soon, so I will continue to humbly be patient until my life reflects a boon.

~ Europa

Journal Entry # 20

2 Timothy 3:16-17

I am authoring today, there are things I have in my heart, I want to say; I want to validly deliver these terms, in a certain way… So down below will express what I truly mean, in the way that I pray…

“All Scripture is inspired by God, and is useful to teach us what is true and what make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teach us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.”

I am soaking up many experiences I’ve had in yesteryear; seeing later on that I’ve been surrounded by people whose intent was hurt me as a whole – it’s been made very clear.

I present myself with necessary wisdom – marking the times where I win some and lose some; I’m comprehending that life is never going to stop throwing stones, it’s really up to us to focus, and stay in the proper zones.

Managing my inner-anger has had a plethora obstacles I have to go through, and as simple as it signs, there are things I know will be hard to do.

Plodding through my journey, so that I don’t miss anything; I know there’s a finish line close to this chapter, and it’s approaching faster than next spring…

Journal Entry # 18 and 19


listening to a tune played by a special bird, it has a specific sound; I’m not sure if I’m the only who heard too, I just know I want hear it everyday now.

I’m seeing the small things others may overlook; life will really throw things at you, that you won’t find in any book.

face value defines this moment; observations show that only faith gives me strength to even think of hoping.

I’m being as honest as I can, I truly hope its showing.


am I being repetitive because I express my main goal in different way? Or am I working it out to find a solution within this pain; I’m no longer approaching my affairs the same – my behavior is slowly becoming tamed.

I benefit from my “will” to be in control; I’ll rather be self taught, than to sell my soul… My journey is filled with many elements; beyond the naked eye, there’re blessings and accomplishments that only I can explain when it comes to its developments…

Journal Entry [interlude]


moving on in my philosophy, can help to be more parallel; being aligned, whilst asking for support, always end with, “I wish you well.”

trying to enter a room without smite – doing my best to show hospitality, even when I may think it’s not right.

I have an insisting heart toward my aspirations; as I traveled many roads I’ve broken a great measure of curses, going back many generations.

finalizing the agreement I made to myself; Assuring each choice I make never hinder me, but help.

Journal Entry # 17


Retaining inspiration to better my situation; another may see gray and think gloom, whereas I see a rainbow from my perception.

Gray to me is that fine line that petrifies folks; panicking, without realizing that it takes away your sanity once invoked.

I am ingenious, layered with principles that pushes me infinitely toward transcendence; as I continue, I realize that where I was weakened, is now a strength of independence.

Journal Entry # 16


Connecting to an inexperienced part of who I am; Undressing layers as each day pass – as if it’s an intimate promised land.

Any philistine that tamper with my devotion, shows the value of their time; my destination is inevitable, detours never put me in the position to ever run behind.

I am focused and resilient toward the path paved for me; mindfulness has kept my thoughts from feeling superfluous and empty – giving my mind more care and healing therapy.

going off the rails, whilst smiling harder than I ever have, all because i took a chance on defining faith; as I absorb all of this energy, i lose interest in the diversions that got me to this place.

It’s giving, “Finally!” – because the grunt of the lesson is behind me!